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bergdichter projects:

If anybody feels the urge to help with one of those projects or intends to do a similar project to these feel free to contact me at

technical projects:

ELDER: (active)

A parallEL encoDER for XviD, X264 and Snow using mencoder

JAVC: (planning and prototyping)

Just another video codec (DCW2T or 3.1D-DCT based)

SmoothD: (active)

2D spatial avisynth filter to deblock video material

AutoX: (planning)

A tool to automagically select good encoding options for XviD. Support for other Codecs will be added later.

DCC: (on hold)

Don't Care Coder; Optimize Code depending on DC-weights

stuttgart: (on hold, depends on SmoothD)

A CQM tuned for use with SmoothD as post processor

plus a pile of inactive, not planned, now hidden projects

other projects:

bergdichter: (ongoing)

My poems, aphorisms and such

LongDrinks: (on hold)

Some of my longdrink inventions

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